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Homepage Copywriting Service

The key to high customer retention, big sales and profits is compelling, crystal-clear homepage copy that explains exactly what your business, products and services are about – what you do – in plain English. And leads the reader through your website to the end zone ― sales! Our copy increases traffic, conversion and converts surfers into visitors into buyers into repeat customers. To Flood Your Cash Register Shopping Cart with the Internet Traffic Money Machine, we’ll deliver two super-key ingredients. First, SEO copy – the Exact, Right Keywords and phrases to attract the customers you want. Our SEO-loaded copy will draw qualified visitors customers you want. Second, conversion. With the ho-hum websites, the visitors just landed, and then what? The webmaster vendor leaves them at the altar. We craft copy that moves your visitors through your website in a way that compels them to take the action you want. Perhaps sign up for your newsletter, join your email list, call for an appointment or consultation or make a purchase. Our internationally recognized team of copywriters will make your website sing and ring your cash register 24/7. Includes homepage critique, an extra $250 value.

Homepage Copywriting Service: $457

eBook, Book, DVD, Audio Program, Product and Service Title Copywriting

We copywrite compelling titles for your eBooks, Books, articles, special reports and more.

Looking to launch a bestseller? You’ll need the perfect title for your new book, eBook, article or special report to turn your book into a bestseller. With publishers and authors launching nearly 1,000 new titles every day, the world is cluttered to say the least. This eBook Title Copywriting Service will help you stand out and get your writing noticed.

Joe and Arthur’s clients include fiction and nonfiction authors and publishers.

This is the way people will find you and buy. Ideal for Amazon Kindle and Apple’s iPad. Our creative genius gives you fresh, compelling and smart titles. We add in SEO copywriting to attract Google, Yahoo, Bing search engines and more. Since most readers, book buyers, journalists and talk show hosts look online for information, books and authors, this eBook Title Copywriting Service will make you stand out big time, drive sales and ring the cash register.

Arthur and Joe will create breakthrough titles that include keywords, captures your book’s benefits or story, stops the reader in their tracks and converts people into buyers. You can mix and match and split test our titles.

You’ll receive at least five (5) titles with this exceptional creative service! Includes 15-minute telephone consultation ― an additional $75 value.

eBook Title Copywriting Service: $99

“I am blown away! This is certainly more than I bargained for… So many great ideas and concepts, I ‘m spoiled for choice. Great service. So happy I found this®. Thanks a million. Will do business again for sure!” ― Shola101

“Thank you. Arthur and Joe over-delivered and the options were great. Combining two book title suggestions gave me the perfect title (in my opinion). Also, you added excellent advice on how to use the titles. I will surely use your advice. Great Work! I will use you again!” ― Thammoory

“Excellent, thoughtful, dynamic work! These guys really have done their homework. Will use them again for advice or copywriting! Great work…I will use these as idea starters; you’ve given me some good stuff to work with… thanks again. My second time using®, and another great experience.” ― Patricia Bacall

Back Cover and Flap Jacket Copywriting Service

Original, compelling back cover and flap jacket copywriting service. Our sizzling language and smart paragraphs will make your book stand out above the crowd and close the sale. Back cover copy is your own personal catalog that power sells your books.

We’ll dive into your book and combine our sense of your message, topic, style and tone with our exceptional creativity, copywriting skills and experience. The result is brand new, custom copy that promotes your books while you sleep.

Study after study shows that “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” But the truth is, Everyone Does. That’s why our back cover and flap jacket copy is the essential ingredient that will sell your books by the boatload. Arthur and Joe’s back cover copy has sold well over 50,000 books.

Why not you.

They’ll capture your book’s essence and find the hot buttons that will push readers to buy.

Fiction and How-To.

What’s more, you’ll receive triple the benefits. It’s a snap to convert our back cover and flap jacket copy into press releases and catalog copy. Triple the benefits, one price.

Back cover copy (per book): $357
Flap jacket and back cover copy (for each book): $675

Book Content Development Coaching and Brainstorming Service

This custom service is designed for the author that wants to brainstorm book content, develop ideas and get feedback on a storyline or how-to. We find that many people want to write a book but need a little push or tug. A little help getting started, shaping the content and fleshing out ideas. Other people want book marketing insight and advice. Over the years, we have helped dozens of authors, entrepreneurs, publishers and business leaders.

Each project is different since the author is different and has a unique slant and book. Each author has varied needs and interests. Our goal is to help shape the author’s work and improve their book know-how, writing skills and book marketing capabilities. This is one of our favorite initiatives.

This service includes reviewing your outline and one chapter and a telephone consultation (up to two (2) hours).

Book Content Development Coaching and Brainstorming Service: $249

Press Release Writing and Publicity Platinum Service

How to Put Your Business on the Map and Grow Your Business – Platinum Press Release Writing Service

The secret to making money is putting your business, products, services and yourself on the map. Our original, red-hot SEO press release. Our unique press release will drive targeted traffic – qualified customers – to your website to buy your products and services 24/7. Arthur and Joe dive in to your business by conducting discovery – to zero in on your core message. That resonates with your target customers and market and drives them to make a purchase.

The perfect press release tells your story, creates excitement and leverages SEO to draw online visitors traffic to your website. Joe and Arthur will put you on the marketing map and increase your profits.

Our online publicity service – we post your press release on at least ten (10) publicity websites portals. You’ll get permanent publicity and draw traffic to your website 24/7. We will tell you the sites where we posted your press release with links.

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Press Release Writing Service:

We will create one custom press release with SEO: $149

Press Release Writing Service PLUS Online Syndication:

We will create one custom press release as described above PLUS syndicate your press release to at least 10 specialty online pr public relations websites: $249

Capital Raising, Financing and Deal Copywriting ― The Secret Sauce that Helps You Get Deals Closed and Make You Money.

You’ll benefit from professional documents and presentation materials that will present your business plan/proposition in plain English in a crystal clear and compelling fashion. Your documents will speak for themselves and speak volumes about your business concept.

Valuable for:

  • Businesspeople that want written and graphic materials to raise capital money
  • Busy executives that want top quality letters, memos, documents, reports, emails, proposals, correspondence and more
  • Financial executives that want a professional deal or financing term sheet or memorandum for a financing transaction or merger and acquisition M&A; transaction
  • Investor presentations
  • Marketing materials for capital raising, financing transactions and syndications
  • Business and deal term sheets, offering memorandum and private placement memorandums (PPMs)
  • Presentations to bankers, lenders, investors, vendors/suppliers and more
  • Businesspeople that want a second, independent opinion and feedback on strategy

Arthur and Joe’s most popular services include writing: business plans, corporate presentations and letters, PowerPoint presentation decks, offering memorandums, investor newsletters and quarterly and annual reports, request for proposals rfp, request for quotation rfq, business proposals and letters, term sheets, legal letters and arguments, call reports and resumes CV. And consulting services.

Throughout their careers, Arthur and Joe have closed over $6 billion of financing transactions. Their deal term sheets and other documents and presentation materials are clear and get the job done. They articulate your business terms which helps get deals closed. Joe and Arthur know term sheets and legal documents and will help you get your deal closed and make more money!

For more information, pricing and a free consultation, email

Arthur VanDam:

Litigation and Forensic Copywriting Services

More and more, businesses face more litigation and disputes. While sue-happy money-seekers― aka litigants hurl questions and accusations, Joe and Arthur serve up answer after answer. The best way to win a dispute is to organize and present your arguments, substantiating materials and case in crystal clear, plain English.

Valuable for:

  • Business executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Negotiators
  • Lawyers
  • Forensic Accountants and CPAs
  • Researchers and Scientists
  • Valuation Experts and Independent Appraisers
  • Arbitrators and Mediators

Arthur and Joe organize your supporting files and documentation, create documents, letters, Excel spreadsheets with accompanying write-ups, tables, charts and more to support your thesis. This is expository writing at its best. Disputes can range from money damages, to business valuation issues to misrepresentations in a business deal that result in claims or losses, to matrimonial issues to neighbor-to-neighbor disputes about the property line (borders, metes and bounds).

Arthur and Joe are pros at litigation and forensic copywriting. Although they do not practice law, they help people strategize and win lawsuits and legal actions and protect their rights and money. Over 50 year’s collective experience. The ideal recipe for sound, legal-type and business letters and documents that help you present and win your case. They’ll help you find the money trail.

For more information, pricing and a free consultation.

Arthur VanDam: